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Creating a blended swept protrusion as an assembly feature

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Can't be done... Assembly features are not allowed to add material (remove only). You'll need to find a part (existing or new) for that protrusion to call home.

...Or you could create it as a surface

-Brian Adkins


New member
Thanks Brian - didn't know that but it makes sense. We tried to create a part in the context of the assembly and everything was OK until we tried to select the datum curve as the trajectory - and idea why we couldn't select it proper or from the model tree?


New member
Create a Copy Geom feature in the target part to reference the datum curve. Then you should be able to use it as the trajectory for the swept blend protrusion.

David Martin

Torgon Industries


New member
You can create a part. In 2001 you have to create default datums, or I use csys, (pick the assy csys). Something like advanved/swept blend/datum curve/setect all, default orientations, sketch the circle on both ends. It will update when you change the curve.
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