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Create proi_revision parameter outside Ilink?


Hi folks.

We're getting a sub-con to produce a bunch of legacy parts & drawings in Pro/E.

The thing is - we use Intralink (with revision, version, etc) but they don't have a license...

The drawing format has fields for &proi_revision + &proi_version - but when you use it outside Intralink these just turn to ***.

If you try to create parameters with these names, you get the message:

This name is reserved

Short of loaning them a license of Intralink, how could we get these parameters entered & populated with the relevant values?

I suppose the other alternative is to leave them blank & replace the formats when we get them into Intralink.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.



New member
I would have sworn you could do that. I tried making a part using my default start part outside of ilink 3.3 and then opening it in a linked session. I was able to do that, but I couldn't add either parameter like you said. Must be a bug of some kind.

I'm sort of in the same boat as you Ed, please keep me/us posted on what you find out.

Steve C


It's kludgy (very) , but should be functional:

Running linked session of Pro/E without the Pro/I client will create these parameters upon the first save of a model... This method also does not require an Intralink license to work (I think).

1. Send supplier an empty workspace (you can't create one without a license)

2. Have supplier install Intralink client

3. Supplier Runs Pro/E in linked mode to the workspace without running the client (using the -w command line option). Upon saving any model for the first time in the linked session, the proi-params will be created



Got the client installed & workspace copied.

Found out that you have to specify the intralink_dir variable in the proe startup file.

Next, tried to open a part from disk & save using the linked Pro/E - no joy.

It gave a message like access denied. cannot save file

We can save files directly to the folder, so it's not an access issue - just something up with the intralink-link...


The paths to the .proi folder's files are hard-coded within the local.ddb database file, so make sure that the .proi is sitting in the exact same spot on both computers (same drive letter and same path)

-Brian Adkins


Hmmmm... I'm not sure then....Same build code? (dumb question)

Maybe the linked session of Pro/E w/o client (-w option) does require a license after all... These sessions don't try to communicate with the dataserver, so I thought it wouldn't look for a license either.

What about pre-populating the workspace with a few simple parts and see if you can get to them on the non-Ilink machine?

-Brian Adkins


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