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Create Part names in automatic BOM


New member
I know how to create automatic part no. using BOM balloon using repeat region table. Is it possible to make the part names (Bolt) to appear instead of part nos. (2) ?
If you have a parameter in your part called PART_NAME, add a column in the repeat region with the text RPT.REL.PART_NAME.

...But if you meant that you were showing items numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, etc...) then you can show the part name by entering the text ASM.MBR.NAME in the repeat region.

Also, for additional information on repeat regions, check out the article Customizing Information in Repeat Regions on this website at:


2-D Repeat Regions for Family Tables
I think this can be done also creating a user define symbol.

the number (pos) in bom balloons is the index parameter.

if you use different parameter you can show part names in your bom balloons

try for that

Ok. I see. You mean the BOM balloons. Edit of make a symbol with the text ASM.MBR.NAME in the symbol.