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create model of label with picture


New member
i am using 2001 SE

i want to create a 3D model of a label and stick it (assemble it) on a flat surface of another part

this label would have bmp (or other format) of a picture

applications could be special warning labels, logo, etc

could anyone tell me how

please and thanks
I posted on 'Importing AutoCAD images into Sketcher' before.

First, you need to have a vector image not bitmap.

1. Convert your silkscreen artwork into 'IGES' file. (I'm not sure if AutoCAD has IGES export.) Coordinate 0,0 will be your anchoring point.

2. In ProE part, create a coordnate system with X & Y axis oriented and located at anchoring point of IGES file.

3. Insert > Data from file > Pick the '.igs' file and select the Coordnate system you just created.

An additional note.
Texts: IGES will not carry the texts over, so you have to somehow convert the texts into lines before you convert the file into IGES.

Good luck,



Have three ways:


Sketcher in Autocad2004 and save "*.DXF"(2000 edtion),andthen open PRO/e,impore the DXF.


Make a Qlt. in pro/e. andthen open "Appearances"