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Corrupt workspace - can you salvage it?


We're having trouble with Intralink crashing. It appears to be a corrupt workspace ldb file, with the following error:

An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
Unexpected Signal : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION occurred at PC=0x1b375d44
Function name=ptcHashImpl::NewHashTable

However - there are a load of new/modified parts that we want to checkin. Any ideas on how to get these back? I know you can import them from disk into a fresh workspace, but was hoping to avoid this scenario.



Got a quick reply from PTC Tech support - this NewHashTable error is a known issue, there's an SPR, and a codefix planned for the next release of Intralink 3.4.

Bill Thomson

New member
I'm assuming that you don't do local backups.

Rename the .proi directory to proi-old and restart Pro/Intralink, create a new workspace and then import the files into same. Bear in mind that the names may differ from what you actually called them within Pro/Intralink, there could be a whole lot called template. If Pro/Intralink says that "same name exists" then it's OKay, if not you need to check out the older version, open the modified part from within Proe, then save. This will overwrite the file in your workspace with the modified one.


Cheers Bill - that's the route we're taking... you're right - we don't do local backups, as people should really be checking in any important stuff to commonspace. Anyway, on with the recovery !!