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Copying sheets with views?


New member
Is it possible to copy the whole sheet (with all of its views)? For instance: I have some views located on the sheet no.1 and I want to copy them on the sheet no.2 and thus avoid creating the same views again. It can be very useful when you want to make the same drawing of a family parts and to keep all of them in the same .drw file.

I posted this question on Modeling forum by mistake, sorry.
You could use the Advanced > Merge command - create a new drawing & merge the same sheet twice...
Yes, it works, but it's not an elegant solution, now I have two files instead of one. Besides, the 'excluding component' in hatching doesn't work.
THe best method I can think of is this: Take your existing drawing that has your views you want to copy. Do a Save As... to a new filename (you'll be deleting this file later after youre done with it). Now open that new file and remove all sheets/views you dont want. Return to your original drawing, and merge in the new temporary drawing.

Its a round about solution, but it works as far as I know.

PTC really needs to add a Copy View command. Not to mention an option to snapshot a view WITHOUT deleting it.
Thanks people for the answers.

I tryed what you proposed, and obviously there is no direct solution. I like jlmiller's suggestion and

I would like to add that with his advice 'excluding components' works,

but all the dimensions that exist on the original views are vanished in copied views and that should be problematic for complex drawings.

We all are looking forward to see the 'Copy View' command in AddView menu.

The dimension that exist on original views are vanished problem is due to the fact that you can't have shown dimensions in two views simultaneously. The dimensions shouldnt disappear if the dims are created dims instead. But of course that isnt a good solution. But this was will keep your correct orientation, symbols, and any snapshot or 2D data you happen to have, as long as it isnt attached to shown dimensions. Even if PTC adds a Copy View command, it would probably still remove dimensions that were already shown in other views. Although they could just be replaced with created dims instead.

Someone should submit this as a Feature Request.
Isn't it amazing that after 15 years in business and 24 major revisions Pro/E still can't do this.

It's things like this that software like SolidWorks feed off..