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Copying a pattern


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I've got a radial pattern of slots. These slots need to be in pairs (i.e. two then a space, two then a space). I can either copy the pattern I have for the first set and change the first aligning dimension or perhaps I can modify the pattern I have to add another set of these?

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!!


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Are you in Wildfire?

If you are could you make that radial pattern as a fill then just pick on the instances you don't want?



Be careful with fill patterns. If you really care about your spacing, use a dimensional pattern instead:


Excerpt from this thread:



The Fill pattern solution provides a quick, easy way to create a pattern where geometric constraints may not be as stringent as in other areas of the model. For most Fill pattern cases, it is assumed that the relative placement of pattern instances is arbitrary. The ability to make the fill pattern dimensions available in other areas of the software could not be included in Wildfire with an acceptable level of quality and performance. PTC recognizes the power within this function, however, and has made it a priority to include enhancements in the next major release of Pro/ENGINEER that will build upon this.


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Evil Speeder,

If you are using WF 2.0 then create cut then select the cut and make use of copy and paste special commands to create a radial copy of your cut. Then group the cut and its copy. Now pattern this group and select axis pattern.

By the way you can use the same technique except use make datum for the first feature.



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Yeah, I just redefined the original feature and made two slots instead of one.

I really wish there was a copy pattern option though.


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You may try this:


Feature Operations

Try Copy or Group and try selecting the pattern you want to copy.

If you've used this method of patterning or copying, you know that next selecting move will allow you to pattern around in a circle and mirror will let you mirror a feature accross a plane.

I hope this helps