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copy table cells problem in WF2


New member
I copy and paste a symbol from one cell to another in the drawing, and it
changes the text style in the vertical alignment from its original "middle"
position to the "default" position.

This was never a problem in 2000i but apparently is so in Wildfire 2.0. Now
I have an extra step to change the text style in each copied cell.

Each time I copy and paste it loses the vertical alignment properties, even after I have set the rows, table, etc. to "middle" alignment. The symbol is basically a triangle with a number centered in it. I attached the file, so feel free to use it and try it in a table cell and then copy it to another cell. Each time I copy and paste it appears outside the bottom of the cell until I manually select the cell or table again and set the alignment to middle.I have alot of drawings where I do this so any further help is appreciated.

Jason L
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