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Copy Geometry menu is masked


New member
dear Master,.,.,.
i`m new members here
i got problem with my pro E
Copy Geometry menu is masked and we can not use this menu.
This is fatal problem, we can not make proe model with copy
from other model.
Could you please solve this problem?

thanks alot
funny how it costs more for that advanced assembly module. ;) you can use Merge feature to do the same.... It's more like how solidworks does it anyway. One big feature with everything in it you will ever need.
If you assemble the parts together you can "copy geometry" without AAX.

1. In part 1 (source of copy), create copy of solid surface or quilt you want to copy
2. Assemble part 1 and 2 (destination of copy)
3. In assembly mode, activate part 2
4. Change selection filter to quilt
5. Select quilt to copy
6. Control+C to copy, Control+V to paste

This is not ideal since you must have the assembly open in order for changes in part 1 to propagate to part 2. Be careful! And name your features so you know where they came from.


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