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Copy feature by "Pick Many"


New member
Lets say we have a square block with many datum points on the top surface. I then create a cut. Then I decide I would like to copy this feature to other locations on the same or different surfaces. Can I copy this feature to all the other datum points in one step? I know it can be done one step at a time, but I'm looking for a way speed up this process.

i don't think that there is a way. i have also tried to look for this function and have not been successful. i'd welcome anyone to prove me wrong though.
Have you tried patterns? Pattern the datum points, then pattern the cut using the datum points as a Ref Pattern.
I agree with Jason. If your datum point are patterned you can use the ref pattern option in copy feature. To copy a feature from the top to the side of your box. Create a datum plane diagnolly from top right edge to the bottom left edge of the box.
Try this, worked for me.

Feature > Copy (New Refs, Select, Dependent)

> Pick features you want to copy > Done > Done

> (Pick dimension you want to make variable otherwise 'Done'

> Then pick the new references corresponding to highlighted ones.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I tried the previous suggestion and it only allows a single copy at a time. Like I mentioned in the original question, I'm looking for a way to copy the same feature to mulitple locations in ONE command. Patterning is an option but I would like the freedom to randomly distribute features along a single or mulitple surfaces/datum planes.

Thanks for your help!
Sorry, I misunderstood your question.

I thought you meant copying multiple objects not copying into multiple places.

I guess Jason's suggestion would work if it is on same surface.