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New member

i would like to know is it possible to get a coordinate of surface or part with specified coordinate system

thanke for your answer


New member
I draw one part whith surface. Now i would like to insert a coordinate system to corner.

according to this coordinate system i would like to take a point all around tne part.

Just like a cnc machine, but i need this part in X, Y, Z coordinate in paper.


New member
Assuming you have the Default datums, Create Point on Surface (Tan to Surface) - Create Axis, Point on Surface (through Point) - Creat Datum Plane Through Point and Normal to Axis. I am omitting the rest of the steps on how to create a csys because I feel you know how to. I am just reaching for stars, what I just mention may be all wrong. You also mention a corner, creating a csys should be easy! If this doesn't help send me a zip file to [email protected]

Good luck



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