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converting proe drw. to autocad dwg.


New member
I cannot find dwg in type of save a copy menu. I need to convert a proe drawing to auto cad, its happening in the system only i use, any solution?


Check that your display is set to shaded - eg: not hidden line or wireframe...

Set display for your drawing views individually, through:

Views > Disp Mode > View Disp, etc...


New member
I'm having the same issue and I tried doing what proed said and it still didn't work. The thing is, I don't have an option to save as DWG or DXF :-(.

I even went so far as follow the help file that tells me how to configure my session and the options still didn't show up.

If anybody finds a solution for this I would really like to try it.

Thanks in advance,



New member
I am in 2001. Choose File>Save As. In the drop down box for saving the drawing choose the drop down arrow and change the Type to .DWG.


New member

In my environment, it looks like I have every type except for .DWG :-(. I'm using Wildfire version, is there some setting I have to change to have the .DWG extension show up as an option?


New member
I don't know, have never seen Wildfire. Note: there are more choices if you move the scrollbar. Would be beyond me why they would discontinue the option to export to AutoCad, or, on second thought, maybe this was intentional?


New member
The .DWG option is still available in Wildfire. File > Save a Copy and scroll down the drop down list at the bottom.


New member
When I do a Save a Copy, I get the dialog box. When I open the Type combo box, I have the following options:






































No, dwg or dxf, this is very frustrating :-(. Is there a special option you have to set in order to get those types as an option?


New member
Looks to me like you're trying to save a part file to dwg format.

Isn't dwg only available in drawing mode ???