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Convert a Solidworks to Pro-E 2001


have the file saved to a common file type

ie step or neutral.

the end result is a "dumb" model but its a clone of what you are after.


New member
Don't follow the hype that you can convert a solidworks file to work in pro other than a imported blob. It does not matter if it is neutral or iges is is still the same blob. I don't think that you can even do a cut in any of the formats?


New member
Well, I guess I stirred up the pot a bit here huh?I did send my file to MFegenbush but have not heard back yet, I'm hoping to get some info on the dimensions of the threading on the part and if I can modifythem or not. I appreciate him taking a look at it; if it will be usefull or not??? I'm not sure.

I have been "told" that with the proper solid works "converter" a file can be converted keeping all the parametric relationships? i.e. I can modify the features?... We'll see..

cncwhiz; as far as being able to cut a .iges or neutral, you'r right, it has to be created with the proper settings to be able to "cut" the model. i.e. if it is not a solid you cannot cut it, without using surface operations and then creating a solid. But depending on what you are doing it can save time as opposed to trying to re-create the model from scratch.

But I do hope we are all wrong and there is a converter out ther which can save the parametric relationships. There are obvioulsy lots of companies doing this for $ if you search for it you can find it. I am trying to find someone whith the full blown solid Works translator which can keep the relationships/feature info...if it does exist?...

We'll See....


New member
I don't think SolidWorks has a converter for Pro/E, it just makes dumb geometry.

I think they had something for bringing in a Pro/E part into Solidworks in 2001 but I think there were legal issues with that so they took it off, I might be mistaken though.


New member
Moroso's right. SolidWorks will take a Pro/E file, even WF2.0, and convert feature by feature, but there usually are errors that you have to fix. SolidWorks will alsotake a SolidWorks model (part or assembly) and convert to a .prt or .asm file, but you lose all history -- just an imported solid.

I've been searching for a third party converter than can maintain parametric relationships and the only one that seems to do the job is CADporter by Elysium, per their advertisement. Never actually tried one.