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construction log feature ??

Steffen Schmidt

New member

I would like to make a brief description of how I modeled my parts, and include it as a feature in the model-tree ! This way other people can read my thoughts when they need to update the part some day.

The ideal solution would be an icon on the top of the model-tree looking like a document or note, this could be included in the start.prt

Is there some sort of attribute in the part i can set. I must be simple to view and edit, orelse nobody will use it.

Can anybody help ?

Kind regards

Steffen, Denmark


New member
Good morning,

The only way i know of doing this is to add notes to the 3D model itself.. these will then also appear in the model tree.Unfortunately i dont know how to hide the note on the 3D model if you dont want it visible.

I am using pro/2001

Enter : Feature. setup, notes, New...

Hope this helps....


New member
Ooops.. to hide the note, re-enter the notes menu and access toggle note. Select the note which you wish to hide and it will dissappear..

Also to view these notes in the model tree, select Tree, Item display then highlight notes.. Any notes created can then be seen in the tree.