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Construction Group


New member
When redefining a local group I can choose an option Construction and set its value to yes or no.

Can anyone tell me what that option does?




New member
The one use I know of for Construction Groups is in conjunction with BMX (the Behavioral Modeling Extension) in order to create a UDA (User Defined Analysis).

Off the top of my head, a Construction Group is a Local Group that performs a calculation. It will typically have a Field Datum Point as the first feature, and a Datum Analysis feature as the last. It will typically contain other datum and surface features in between; it can have solid features, but I personally have never seen or done that.

The UDA performs a custom analysis on the Construction Group for every possible value that the Field Datum Point can have. (A Field Datum Point is an underconstrained datum point defined as existing somewhere on a specified curve or surface.) UDA's require Construction Groups.

David Martin

Torgon Industries


Active member
Redefine groupfeature is a problem in ProEngineer. You can't see whether the part was copied by mirroring or moving etc.

Atleast I don't know. If anybody knows this please tell us.



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