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confiuration of pc for domestic use with minimum price


New member

here is one similar question.

i want to buy a new home pc for personal use with AMD processer due to cheap in price and excellent performance (i heard).

plz suggest me wot is the good configuration.

1) minimum ram for 2001,wild fire.

2)gaphic card which can support pro/e 2000i, pro/e2001, wildfire while considering AMD/athlon processer and with minimum price.

3) motherboard type

4) cd writer.

5)lan card.

6)minimum partsion of hard disk.


II) i heard AMD processer will get heat verysoon. i want to use in home only. how to over come with that problem with out having

Ac environment. guide me right way.

thankx in advance.



New member

Check the PTC website for the info you want. I ran wildfire and went to a NVIDIA graphics card. I wouldn't use any less than 500 meg of ram. For 2001 you can get by with less everything. All of the info you need is on the PTC site.