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config.sup ok guys and gals what are some of your lines


New member
I am starting to compile some new standards and control at a company. I have an idea of what I want in the config.sup but was really interested in what you folks have out there.

My config.sup file is only prolly 10 lines long...

post some of your critical config settings and why.



New member
I like to put the trail directory in, that way I can run a script/bat file every once in a while to clean out the directorys, and not have to rely on people doing so. For some reason users love to change it, don't ask me why, I have directorys set on machines just for this and they will change it.

Graphics options are another.

I try not to put too many things in it, there are some others that got in there along the way and can't remember off the top of my head...

These should be critical ones that you don't want people messing with.

What I have been doing lately, is putting a config in the loadpoint with company standards, than I set the start directory as say ProWork, and than create one there with a line it for something. Now that the one in the working directory is the last one that loads when people save changes it goes to that one for some reason and no one seems to mess with the other ones... Now in the working directory that one stays with new installs.


New member
We put a path for common things that we want everyone to have access to and use in there, for example

pro_colormap_path \\INSERT SERVER NAME\directorypathpro_format_dir \\INSERT SERVER NAME\directorypathpro_note_dir \\INSERT SERVER NAME\directorypathpro_symbol_dir \\INSERT SERVER NAME\directorypath

!!! Start Templates

start_model_dir $PROE_LOADPOINT\text\templates

template_designasm $PROE_LOADPOINT\text\templates\start_assy.asm

template_drawing $PROE_LOADPOINT\text\templates\start_draw.drw

template_sheetmetalpart $PROE_LOADPOINT\text\templates\start_sheetmetal.prt

template_solidpart $PROE_LOADPOINT\text\templates\start_part.prt

and then some general type stuff

!!! Environment Settings

default_dec_places 3

force_new_file_options_dialog yes

nt_cache_dirs yes

save_drawing_picture_file embed

save_model_display shading_low

save_modified_draw_models_only yes

save_objects changed_and_specified

sketcher_dec_places 3

tol_display yes

tol_mode nominal

hope that's what you're looking for


I would recommend minimising your config.sup file, as this prevents customisation further down the chain. eg: different templates at different sites, or metric/imperial changes between countries, etc...

We actually don't use a config.sup file, only config.pro files that get compiled depending on the user's location. We've never had any problems with this method.


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