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Comprehensive List of ModelCHECK Checks


New member
Has anyone ever seen a comprehensive list of things that MC can check for? If so, could you forward on a link?


I've only seen one in one place, and that's from the half-day 2000i2 class PTC offered on Model Check. My best advice is to call your PTC rep (if you have one) and ask for a copy. I'm sure some of the training centers still have a copy or two sitting around somewhere. Back when I used to teach for PTC we always had manuals dating back years and years. And the PTC customer reps are pretty good at accomodating customer requests.
Thanks for the reply jabbadeus.

Actually, I found what I was looking for late last night.

We had the information in a document on our own servers!

The document is a PTC publication entitled:

Pro/ENGINEER 2001 - ModelCHECK Topic Colloection.

It's old - dated 9-6-2000 but it does list all the checks that

can be made in part, assembly and drawing mode. 27 pages worth to be exact with part mode being by far the most lengthy followed by drawings and then assemblies.

I'm sure there is a more recent revision of this document that is avaialble from PTC but this will do for our purposes at this time.



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