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Composite analysis with ProMechanica??


New member
I design racing yachts and was in racing car business..

I use Mechanica and Proe for my composite works. I have been doing for a few years now. There are NOT many of us!!

Does anyone want to discuss techniques, compare notes, experences, etc???

It's the best way to learn!!!


New member
Not sure!!

Even if you asked people at PTC you get very blank answer on composite.

So, my main concern is that have you varified what the composite analysis with some test etc???

We have done a few tests and ultimate failures predicted by Mechanica is very good, but they are just simple tests..


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Actually not with composite material but I have some working experience with pro/mechanica for analysis but I don't know this will help or not...


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I'm getting into composite orthotic braces. Right now, I'm trying to decode lamination theory from a variety of often contradictory sources.

Off the top of my head, I have a few questions for anyone in the know..

I've more or less figured out how to get the ABD matrix for a laminate, but all the references I've seen don't address the issue of transverse shear constants (A45,A55,A44). Does anyone have a robust method of finding these values? Or can I leave them as zero since I'll always be dealing with very thin (<6 layers) laminates (assume plain stress).

Also, I wonder how important the hygrothermal constants are. The layup method I'm looking at is fairly complicated, involving a partially cured prepreg which is sculpted to the patient in this condition, followed by a full cure in the oven. Any thoughts on this would be welcome.

Finally, I'm interested in any concerns that might arise from trying to analyse large deformations with pro/mechanica. Some of work I'll be doing will involve the laminate acting as a cantilever spring. Off hand, end deflections are going to be around 1 on a 6 beam.

Thanks a bunch and don't hesitate to contact me by email if you want.