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complete uninstall


New member
My computer crashed, when I got it going again

pro-e tells me it cannot find the host name in

the license. Somebody told me to do a complete

unistall then reinstall pro-e. There seems to be hidden files concerning the license, it keeps coflicting with the new install.

How do I get rid of those files?

I'm running pro-e 2001. Thanks in advance


I would have tried to find out why your machine could not find the license server. Re-installing Pro will not help if you have a network problem. I hope you at least saved all your config and plotter definition files!

As far as any hidden files go, everything is in the loadpoint directory, delete that & you have removed everything.


New member
Try start> run and type cmd

when the dos window comes up type

ipconfig /all

See if there is a mac address specified in there before you try fixing your pro e install.



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