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Company wide .DTL


Config option:

drawing_setup_file p:\configs\drawing.dtl

The filename does not matter as long as you list the full path in the file. Better yet, put the option in your system config.sup file so that users can not modify it.

-Brian Adkins


New member
if what Brian say is not working, make a batch file for path sets and at the end of batch u can call Pro/E. This will start pro/E. Anyway take a look on your proe2001.bat or ... whatever name will have.


Existing drawings will continue to use the detail settings from the last time the drawing was saved. All these values are saved with every drawing. Newly created drawings will use the detail settings in the file pointed to the drawing_setup_file config option. You can make a macro to load this file, however, some things are not changed retroactively. Things like section view text settings will only affect newly created views, not old views. Also, you will probably find that you need more than one dtl file. We have different files depending on the sheet size (different text & arrow sizes) and for European customers we have to use first angle projection.


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