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Company Logo Problems


New member
Dear All:

Right now, I have a bitmap company logo in our .frm files that works well in Pro. The only problem is that it does notexportto dwg files or to EDrawings since it is not vector data.

I have tried making a "trace" of the logo in Pro and I can get something that looks fine, but when I export to .dwg, all of the line thicknesses, etcrevert to a thin style and itno longer resembles the company logo.

I can make the company logo in AutoCad and do an import, but the window size is too big, it covers up some of the title block if I scale it to the correct size.

Can anyone help???


I made our company logo a symbol. That way it can be inserted in drawing formats at any scale. I traced the bitmap to make the outline, made a group & filled it in solid. It seems to export OK.


I did it in Pro/E R20, it looks like things have changed a little in WF2, you don't have to make groups anymore. I just tried a new symbol & sketched a square. Next I picked all 4 lines to make a closed loop. Then I picked EDIT/FILL/SOLID. That will let you fill any closed loop. You may have to do some breaking & trimming of lines & arcs and do multiple fills to get your complete logo.