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Company Logo into formats ?


New member
What's the best method for getting a company logo into a format ?

I have it in Pro format already. I also have a PDF.


New member
When I did this a while agoin Pro/E 2001 I created the logo as a symbol and then placed the symbol in the format (.frm).


New member
I was able to copy an image file (JPG) from another document and just paste it into the drawing format (this was in WF2)


New member
I have been told to create a symbol before and cannot figure out how to do that.

Here is the path I've taken so far. Traced the logo in Freehand, exported a metafile to autocad. Saved as a DXF and called in the dxf as a part in PRO. So now I have it in Pro I can make it whatever I want. How do I get it from that into a symbol?

The Pro description in help is very vague.


New member
In 2001:

Select Format, Symbol Gallery, Define

Enter a name for the symbol

Now pick Insert, Data fromFile and browse to your dxf. You might need a few trys to get the scale of your symbol correct.When you're finished hit Done. Select the attributes like how you want to place the symbol. I used 'free' and clicked on a suitable position. Hit OK and Done and your symbol is created.

Now open up your .drw or .frm and place the symbol by picking Insert, Symbol Instance, select the new symbol and place it. You can alterscale, height, angle etc if you want.

Hope that helps.


New member
this is very simple when u have a symbol in pro e formate. first open the file having your company logo, go to tools symbol gallery, create , give a name with out space, select the logo and select ok. now select symbol directory where u feel will be safe to write and keep for future use, then pick write. now the symbol will be written in .sym.1 formate. now open the formate go to insert , symbols, custom sym, and select the brouse buttion to pick the formate from where u have stored. place it where ever u need now u can use the formate and also the symbol for future

see u bye