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Color of imported Excel spreadsheet...


New member

I've had occasion recently to have to use an imported Excel spreadsheet in a drawing (I know, eww...). The problem is printing the color.

If it's imported and left with text and borders black, it look great printed, but horrible (you can't see it easily) in the drawing editor.

If I change the color in the drawing editor to something readable (example white or yellow), I get nothing (with white), or yellow print. Same with an export to .pdf to print.

Anybody else working around this in some succesful fashion? I don't want to maintain two seperate tables, one in excel for office types, and one in ProE for engineering.

An added problem is having to re-import the excel spreadsheet everytime there is a change. Simple conversion to a ProE table is not a good option, as the table is _massive_, and there are problems with merged cells, wrapped text, added notes, etc.

Thoughts, comments?



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