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Color and Appearance menu greyed out


New member
Is it just me or is the #View > #Color and Appearance

option only available in the base window? You can get to the same thing (eventually) through #View > #Model Setup > #Render Control ... click on the blue marble on top of the rabbit cage.

Of course no help is available for View in the Menu Mapper, or anywhere else that I could find in help for that matter since I wasn't looking to make a rendering. Just the equivalent of #View > #Model Setup > #Colors and Appearance.

This really appears to smack of change for the sake of change. Maybe I'll come around with some more experience with WF but so far it's going in the opposite direction.

Bernie Hayden



New member
OK, so now it is showing up under the menu mapper. Appears that the browser window was some how wedged and when I closed it proE crashed. After restarting ProE the #View > #Model Setup > #Colors and Appearance options is there (no change in function, just moved the menu location).


New member
Display colors are turned on. It works except that you have to go through a long menu pick dialoge box scenario when it should be at the top level pull-down (like it is for the base window).



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