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collision problem....


i dont think you have discribed your problem well.

collision detection is in mechanism. if you have 2 parts and during the
running of your setup there is a collision it will highlight the areas
of overlap for you and pause to show you.

if your analysising in structural you will only see if the part overlaps itself under your predefined loads.


New member
hmm yea,well i just want good results to see the effect what happens.

So my question is, how can i get good results with collisions.. preferably in Structural. So how do i need to constrain it better then?

Or is that only possible in mechanism?


mechanism will not show you how your objects deform when hitting together. but will highlight overlapping entities

Luis Aguirre

New member

This could be a problem with the element size. You are not showing the mesh but what I will sugest is to increase the mesh density. This may solve the problem.



New member
Well i did some experiments with contact regions and that seems to help a little... but i cant do a contact region analysis + large deformation... And thats what i need.

Ill post some pictures later on.. in a rush now



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well another example...

View attachment 771

This is a PP part, with a thickness of around 0.15mm i want to simulate it's movement... but OR i do a contact region analysis and it's not going through itself, but not large deformation analysis.. so no good... OR i do large deform but the thing above happens... And that's impossible off course.

So how do i solve this? or is it just impossible with Pro/Mechanica?

Thanks, C.
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New member
With large deform:

View attachment 789

or with contact regions:

View attachment 790

So that's my problem, both analysis are not good, but mixed together i would be there. The contact region analysis is not correct as you can see... (compare it to the large deform one) The large deform does look good for the large flexibel part that goes down under the angle, but for the rest it's not good..



New member
The only explanation I have is to check your deformed view
settings. I know that mechanica, at least for me, has not always
shown accurate deformations. Maybe it's just that I work with
different parts.

I'll experiment a little and see if I can't come up with a better solution.


New member
Has anyone come up with a resolution to this problem?

Or has anyone done any analysis of a multi-leaf spring?

I am currently working a problem with Composite springs. We are trying to predict spring rates based on multiple springs colliding and chaging the stiffness of the assembly.