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closing problem


New member
I'm sure somewhere someway there's a fix for this...

Does anyone have a clue as to why this friggin program decides to just close up completely when it wants to?? It's definately not being done by someone else, because it's on a one computer install.

How about how to fix it, besides switching to SolidWorks???

Quickly removing what little hair I have left,



New member
Is Pro/E crashing or is it minimizing the window? IfPro/E crashing, look in the std.out log file in your Pro/E startup directory. This might give you an answer or clue. Most likely would be a driver. If the window is minimizing, sounds like it would be a trojan/pest. The solution to that would be Ad-Aware or PestPatrol and a virus scanner.


New member
Thanks donha

I looked at the std.out file and all it said was that it failed to initialize communications, and some features are disabled. I only seems to happen when I work with certain assemblies, and of course it's when I try to save what I'm working with. Pro/E just "disappears". It exits all on its own WITHOUT saving my work AAARRRGGGHHHH

Would be nice if it was only a trojan type of problem...Idon't knowtoo much about SolidWorks, but I don't think they have too many problems like this!!! Are you listening PTC?!?!?!

Can anyone tell that I'm frustrated yet??