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anyone know when i can get them? as a model ? a family table one would be awesome

need a external 8mm shaft.


its not hard to model, but i dont have any dimensions, and i
would assume that someone would have a model out there of them possibly
in a family table.

its a pretty common part.


New member
It may have been an optional install (I've only done one and an upgrade so am not at all familiar with the process). It installed on c:\ptc\ on my machine (not in the Pro/E install directory).


thanks for the jpp :) machinest handbook is great isnt it:)

but i prefer not to waste time making the part. :) though looks like i
might invest a little time in making a family table for it.

unless "jeff4136" can get me that file :)

thanks for the help.


New member
Hi puppet

Well there is web site http://www.traceparts.com/where you can download all standard parts they have in database for free. Just register, and then you can browse their web site for parts, they have parts in Pro/E neutral for download. When you select part and chose witch format they will send it by E-mail.

Hope it helps


If you go to the open dialog box, at the top there is the drop downlist (Look In)

BASIC LIB is one of the options (at least for most installations).

I don't know where the hard copy is on any specific computer, that's the installation directory (the subdirectory is called objlib as opposed to BASIC LIB).