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New member
This is most definately the future as far as I am concerned, in 3D CAD visulaisation. But i'm sure we're looking at 10 years (or mayble less?????) before you've got the kit in your company's design office.

I guess the CAD designer's requirement for good 'spatial awareness' is really declining. With 2D CAD and before that pencil drawings, you had to do all of that 'CTRL-middle-click' in your head.

On the other hand though, i guess you could argue that it could IMPROVE this skill, and it will boost productivity, efficiency, blah, blah.....

Nose Bleed

New member
According to what I read on CNN yesterday, the going cost for this item is $100,000 - and production hasn't yet begun.


New member
Wow a three year old post. Where are those people?

http://www.io2technology.com < so 3 years later are we
closer? does technology change as fast as we would hope. I wonder
what obstacles were overcome in engineering?

Hey.. what does MVP stand for anyway?

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