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Check in question for drawing


New member
I got a drawing showing some dimensions for a big assembly. This drawing is meant to just show some dimensions needed for the supplier, so he can manufacture a transportation cover for the assy. So, I suppressed and hid some parts and sub assys that were not of intererest in the drawing, which resulted in a lot of + marked parts.

We are only interested in submitting the drawing to CS, not parts or sub assys.

Is there a workaround for not having tocheck inthe + marked parts whenchecking in only the drawing?(they are a mix of released and in work parts/assys)? I was thinking of having the drawing active in proE, and updating the + marked parts in my WS, then saving the drawing again, and submit it to WS?

Any help appreciated!


New member
Just supressing members shouldnt report them as changed, only the assy or sub-assy's where you supressed them. Suspect you made layer changes and saved the states causing pro/e to flag them as modified.
I often use the update as you mentioned to get rid of these unwanted changes before check-in but you need to do the update after you save the drw to WS.

A better way to handle this is by using simplified represetations of the main assy. You can then hide excluded parts and sub-assy's without changing anything but the main assy. In the drawing (properties of main drw view) you just need to change to your simplified rep instead of master rep.

I deal with configured products were we have thousands of different combinations possible. All customers ask for a 3D-model of their version of the product, and if built with caution, simplified reps make it very easy to create these customised models.

Using supression you will have to re-do everything if you need to bring up that drw again.

Hope this can be of any help to you