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Check in process



We are in the process of configuring a new install of intralink. I may be missing some setting but maybe someone can help me out. If I check out a .drw, .prt, or .asm at a revision level, let's just say Rev A. If the part is modified, I want intralink to automatically promote it to an unreleased Rev B on check in. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in Advance.


New member
As far as I know, you have to manually modify the revision attribute prior to checking back in. Possibly a newer version can do what you're suggesting. Anytime you modify a part, it will automatically change the version, but not the revision.


Yes - the revision has to be manually updated (on standard Intralink).

It's just an attribute like any other - except it can't be directly put back to a previous revision.


New member
There is no standard setting to configure Intralink to change the revision automatically upon check-in. It would probably NOT be advisable to do this either. Sometimes a check-in needs to be performed without revision changes, to protect files from data loss and ensure proper database backup, as most user systems aren't backed up every day. Although this may be accomplished by using a trigger, so when files are checked in they automatically up-rev, but that may be undesireable in the long run. There are consultant companies that make triggers for a price that could probably do this.