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"cheating" a x-sec name...


New member
OK_ have a family table part- instance is machined, generic is "blank"- want to have the section that IS 'B'- be shown as 'A' for the un-machined view on the sheet- as for the section "note"- I just ereased it and put in a free note- however, IS THERE A WAY TO CHANGE THE SECTION LINE TAGS FROM THE TRU SECTION NAME, TO SOME OTHER NAME? thanks in advance.


New member
the quik work-around, make dual sections on the same plane- but if anyone knows how to change the name of a section- come on....Doc Gallup- where you at man- I know YOU know...


New member
Go into your part mode or assembly mode where ever the x-section exist.

go to view manager

x-sec tap

highlight desired x-sec exp. "A"

right click



have fun (very easy), note even if you made the x-sec in drawing mode it shows up in the part file or assembly. You should try to make the x-sec in part/assembly only because you can adjust the formate of each hatching directly before laying views, in drafting. If you have two of the same x-sec in a drawing you have to change formate in both seperately. if you change it in part/assembly you do it once. You can also change the color of the x-sec lines, I suggest controlling color of x-sec lines in drawing mode because from part/assembly to drawing color does not transfer, dont know why the lines stay yellow no matter what.

hope this helps


New member

That will change the Xsec mane in both instances, and I don't think that this is what jrobi needs.

The dummy notetrick is the only one I can think of.


New member
Thanks, but not what I was after Phil- I ended up just dual-placing the section on the same plane and using the "different" sections for each view. I do not think what I wanted can be done, I tried changing the section name in the dialog box, tried "overwriting" the name, similar as with dimensions- no go....the solution- use my suggested workaround...or is there a way...wheres doc gallup when you need him...


I just got back from 3 weeks vacation, it's nice to know someone missed me!

I think having two sections on the same plane is the best solution for what you want. There is no way to add a section name to the family table that I know of.

Another way I might do it is have just one section with the casting on one sheet and the machined part on a second sheet. That way there is no confusion about which view is the parent and it is clear that the sections are in the same location, just on a different instance. I have also seen drawings with a box around all views belonging to a part or a dividing line all the way across the sheet to clearly differentiate which views belong to which part.


New member
I agree Doc, about using a box to seperate, but was trumped on it, ended up just laying over duak sections on the same plane.