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Changing window size


New member
Is there a way to set Pro/E's window to be maximized upon opening?

I've messed with reseved_menu_space and windows_scale options, but have not found the winning settings.



New member
FYI when you right click on the icon in windows and choose the option to run that is just the option of the dos window when you launch the file.

For some dialog boxes and windows you can go into the install directory of Pro and the resource folder I believe contains the paramaters for the various dialogs, the locations they come up etc. Not sure of the file you would edit, should be a .res file, you can edit them in a text editor, when you open the file you should be able to figure out what it window it controls, If it means that much to you.


To get a full-size screen, you can add a simple trail file to your startup... - eg: that just clicks the maximise button on the window.

To run the trail file max.txt on startup just add it to the command, eg:

proewildfire.bat max.txt