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changing tolerances for different family table members


New member
I have a family table of simple parts and I need to set up a way to vary the decimal places used in the tolerance values for one of the dimensions, i.e. two possibilities for the dimension one has a thousanths tolerance the other has hundredths. I thought there might be a way to do it through a parameter but can't seem to find a way.


New member
You can add tolernce value to the family table, same way you add normal dimension; but make sure you've selected the tolerance not the dimension. Once you've added the tolerance to the family table and set the value for the instances, you should see the tolerance you set in the famliy table when you open the instance.

Note: In order select the tolerance, it is obvious to have them displayed. To make the Pro/E display the tolerances, add the config your

tol_display yes

Hope this helps

DN Reddy, Manchuri;GE-IBC,India