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Changing teh sheet size selection different from Default


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While creating new drawing Pro/detail selects the template or the empty as standard size C only. I want it change to B size by defualt. how can this done. Please see the attached image.

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you need to change the following config.pro option

template_drawing b_drawing.drw

The default option is




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Thanks Israr,

But again....it works with the template drawing.

When I select EMPTY it again reverts to C size only.

Please check.


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Check the following config.pro options if these can help.







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I not sure why you want to always create drawings with no formats but
you should be able work around it by creating a new B-sized template
that is empty and set that as the default template. This means even
less mouse clicks are required as you DON'T have to uncheck the default
template box in the NEW menu window


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thanks dell_boy the reasonI make a lot of drawings with no format is I work more with prototyping than real drawings the boss likes to see pretty pictures ie shaded models or 1:1 top side front views so formats do not apply to me very often.

does anyone know of a sure fire way to get a 1:1SHADED model on screen to printer?

we do not have a B size printer here its A or D the D size paper is used for gluing purposes here and they print it on some kind of wax paper which by the way has to be printed from autocad because as it prints it doesnt grip the paper well and after you print out 3 feet, it has slipped 3/4 of an inch. not sure if i can get pro to allow for this in one direction so i set it up in autocad

if anyone else goes through something like this I would love to hear from you.


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dear megaladan,

it's very simple. as your boss require shaded picture pl. amke all jpg file keep it another folder and open it in ppt file and enjoy .......Shriram