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changing file name


New member
I have numerous assemblies that utilize common components and sub-assemblies. Most of these sub-assemblies and components have simple file names (prt0001, asm0006, etc).

Unfortunately, these files are not always located in the same folders. So when I open an assembly, sometimes I have to seek the appropriate folder where a component is located.

I want to be able to change the file name so it reflects our company's part numbering scheme. As an example, change (prt0001) to (0526340).

Is there a way to do this where the change affects every assembly that the component or sub-assembly is located?


If you are using Intralink (which it sounds like you are not) then you just rename the part and Intralink takes care of the rest. Otherwise, you must have all the assemblies and drawings which directly reference the part in memory when you rename the part and then you must save each and every assembly and drawing.

You should be able to set up search paths so that Pro/E automatically finds the parts for you.