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Changing colors on top assembly


New member
Dear Pro/E experts,

The top assembly has different colors on the sub-assemblies and the components. I want to be able to change all of them back to one dark color for print image purposes. Instead of picking each sub-assembly and component to change color, is there an easier way to change color? I'm using Pro/E 2001.


David Thomas


New member
In the Color and Appearance dialog box (accessible from View > Model Setup if I remember correctly), select the color. The bottom of the dialog box is the Set Object Appearance area. The default from the drop down list on the right should be Assembly. Just click the Set button and everything should be the same color.

David Martin

Torgon Industries


New member
Normally, in the assembly file, when we change color, the new color would override the previous color. You're right, the default from drop down list is assembly, also they have option to change component too. I tried changing between assembly and component on the drop down list and I select sub-assembly and/or component on screen or model tree. Sometime the new color will override and sometimes it won't. I heard it's a bug in pro/e 2001 on assembly color. It might only allow you to select 1 to 2 components at a time. Even though I went to each component to change color, it sometimes still won't change color in assembly file. Is there another solution to change many component to one color in assembly file?

Thank you.


As far as I know, the top-level colour only overrides a lower part if that part has no colour explicitly assigned to it.

If you've defined a colour at the part level, this will usually stick to the part wherever it goes...