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Change hole dimension from Radius to Diameter


New member
I have a Student Edition of Wildfire and would like to know how to change a hole dimension from a Radius to a Diameter on a drawing created from a 3D model? Is the Student Edition limited in this function?


New member
If you single click on an entity that will give you a radius dimension, if you double click on the same entity (diametral/radius) and place it that will give you a diameter


New member
Meaning you can't. You need to delete the unwanted radius dimension, and make a new one. It's annoying.


New member
Do you mean a CUT I think HOLE features always show hole diameter. If its a cut the best thing is just dicipline yourself when you make the sketch to double click to produce a Dia dim instead of a radii. Then Show the dim on the dwg.

Here a cool tip

go to your CONFIG>PRO and add this if its not there

show_axes_for_extr_arcs YES

Then your cut feature and all arcs will have a datum axis inside them. Saves having to make a thru Cylinder axis