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Centerlines in Drawing


New member
I'm in Wildfire and I need to add centerlines to non-circular objects (square holes, slots, etc.) in the drawing mode. How do I go about doing this? I can't seem to find a centerline function in the drawing mode.

Steve C
Nevermind, I figured it out. Add a datum point in modeling along one of the edges at a ratio of .500 and then add datum axis through that point and normal to the surface. Pretty cool, but way too many steps to add a centerline. Unigraphics has a centerline tool in the drawing mode that does it with a couple of mouse clicks.

Steve C
Break your drawing extension lines. Is a pain and PTC should come up with a fix for changing fonts of extension lines.
I sometimes create centerlines by using datum axis in model to get it in the drawing, but when it gets un-necessary to create many features in the model just to obtain a C/L for square cutouts etc i use the sketch features in Pro/Detail and use offset edge, etc to generate a centerline. Also by using offset it automatically relates the line to the view. You can then modify the linetype to centerline linefont easily, and adjust its size etc. Just be careful when you regenerate the geometry as the offset line needs updating too!
I agree with swcalvert on this one. I have used I-deas and ProE both.

I-deas has the ability to add axes right to the drawing as 2-D entities. I am a big proponent for the model containing all information to drive drawings, but there are times where a simple 2-D axis would be nice.

I would not suggest switching to I-deas to gain this functionality. The problems with I-deas are far to numerous to talk about here.
As lcoates says, an axis point in your feature sketch is a good solution for this... you get an axis in the model, plus you can show the axis in the drawing. (Create it using Sketch > Axis Point, then click where you want the axis to appear.)

As long as the feature is extruded this will work OK. If the feature is revolved you'd need a point first, then an axis thru pt.