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Centerlines in assembly drawings


New member
Sorry for probably a dumb question - I'm new to Pro-E and its drawing interface.

I've got a block with a hole through it as part of an assembly (it really is that simple). How do get a centerline in the assembly drawing?

I can see various ways to kludge one in, but I want to do it the right way. I've seen some mention of the absence of a centerline tool in drawing mode - but I'm assuming there must be a proper way to do it.

Any help is appreciated.



Go to the show/erase dialog box and show the axis in the views that you want. Once you figure out all the controlls you will find this a very useful tool for detailing drawings.


New member
Perfect - I knew it would be something simple. I was messing around in Show/Erase but I didn't do it by view.




New member
i am attempting to draw a centerline for a square cutout in a drawing. i've read a few other threads, and people have suggested drawing an offset datum axis in the 3d model, and then getting that datum axis to show on the drawing.

well, i can't get that to show up, and when i click the "show/erase" button and select the view, i get a "Views not updated - use 'Regen View'" message. i've tried regenerating the model, and i still get the error message.

seriously, ProE irritates the crap out of me. i learned 3d modeling on SolidWorks at Texas A&M, and now i'm having to teach myself proe wildfire since that's all NASA uses. and, being the government, they are too cheap to give me a mentor. well, that's my theory at lest. still, solidworks wasn't this hard to learn, and seemed to be easier to manipulate. ProE = NoE.

anyway, this drawing is going to be on stand-by until i can figure out how to get centerlines to show up.


New member
Whilein sketch mode ofyour square cut, create an "axis point" at the center of your square. The feature will now have an axis that you can show in the drawing.
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New member
There is an important caveat to appinmi's comment. The axis point
sketch entity will be dimmed unless THE SKETCH IS UNLINKED

Go to the protrusion, not the sketch.

Redefine the protrusion

select PLACEMENT in the dashboard

select UNLINK in the popup.

Now edit/redefine the (now) internal sketch and you can acess the axis point sketch feature from the pulldown menu.

I think the reason why PTC does this is because an external sketch can
be extruded in several directions, swept, blended ot rotated. The
ambiguity of what to do with an axis point in (say) a rotated section
would confuse the kernel.