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Center of Gravity


Active member
To display the CG of a part or assembly, create an Analysis Feature, select the Model Analysis radio button, then next, and then compute mass properties, then close this dialogue box. Now create point of COG.

Now exit the analysis feature dialogue box.

With this you can see CG of the model.


New member
create new coordinate system from one createt at start part

then see wich sighn each dimension hawe and in relations then typ faloving relation.

Insted of (D249, D250 and D251) use your dimensions sighn.

it is important that the coordinate system is the last feature, if you
add solid after this coordinate system the CG vil not be correct.

$D249 = mp_cg_x ("", "PRT_CSYS_DEF", "")

$D250 = mp_cg_y ("", "PRT_CSYS_DEF", "")

$D251 = mp_cg_z ("", "PRT_CSYS_DEF", "")

After you typ relation you ned to regenerete the part and coordinate system will be on CG.

Best regards Klemen