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center of gravity


New member
Is it posible to apply a weight to a particular point in an assembly? This point would represent the cg of the model.


New member

But you can apply a point or a csys or a vertex (or anything with x, y, z dimensions) back to a csys to the CG

Create an offset point from the desired csys.

Figure out the appropriate dimension names (d**) and write some relations:


Not sure if the syntax is exact, best you check for system parameters in your help..


New member
If you are looking to artificially set the CG (which is what you posting sounds like) you can set all of your components to an incredibly small density value, then create a cube part, with the density/weight you want, and assemble it where you want the CG to appear.


New member
I am not positive about this but under set up, mass props can't you specify C_of_G coordinates?

Would this override the model analysis?