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New member
Hi all,

this is my first post. I was kind of curious if anyone knows how to make castings in pro-e. if someone has kind of some information on it do let me know.




New member
hi gurveen,

thanks for your help. but man i know a lot of proe-e and only thing i want to learn is how to deal with castings in industry. how to design it and some importants stuff about it


New member
thanks mgnt8,

its a good thing. but my concern is hot to implement these things in pro-e. like some special ways to design it in pro-e or just regular modelling and taking care of the various parameters. hope to get a reply.



New member
To me, it depends on the complexity of the casting. If I have to have many secondary operations (machining) I usually lean towards seperate files. A casted part and a machined part. If, on the other hand, my machining is minimal, I'll make a part family.

Hope this helps,


I prefer to merge the casting into the machined part as the first solid feature. This makes it easier to work on the machined parts without accidentally changing the casting. You can use the same casting (or forging, etc) to make many different machined parts.


New member
Get familiar with the draft feature and remember to always do rounds last. Trying to draft a feature that has a round at the end is just asking for trouble.

Another useful tool is under analysis called draft check. It is a slick graphical way to check that your model has proper draft and no undercuts.