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capturing design intent in simple part


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I've got a *very* simple bracket that I can't figure out how to best model. I can model the part (obviously, see pic below), but I can't do it so that it captures the design intent.

View attachment 167

It's pretty obvious what dimensions I would like to control (distance between two large holes, distance between small hole and closest large hole, offset distance of bracket, and amount of material between holes and edge of bracket).

The problem is that the 3 holes should control the size of the part, not the other way around. There's got to be a way to model it without writing relations. Any slaps in the face are appreciated.


see my attached files

try to change some dimensions

it is simple a sample of capturing the design intent


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It's like a *.zip file (just another compressor)

Download winrar (evaluation release) or better IZarc (free release).



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If you use Windows XP, you don,t need any unzipper.Windows XP has its own unzipper.



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I guess that's what I figured: relatively complicated for such a simple part. I am forced to use 2001, but I have a machine with WF 2.0 on it, so I can see what you did.

Also, I don't know if you did this on purpose, but the flat pattern has kinks in it (the perimeter is not tangent all the way around) due to defining the outside shape in the formed position. In the part I made, I had to make the holes in the formed position, unbend the part, then cut the perimeter, then do a bend back. this way the flat pattern is easier to dimension and to cut out.

But thanks for your reply. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something simple. Where I work, I couldn't trust anyone to modify that part without complaining that it is much more complicated than it needs to be. I am forced to make it a simple as possible; without using surfaces, curves, or converting from solid to sheetmetal. It looks like I'll just model it without capturing the intent. argghh...