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Can you save a part with an incomplete section?


New member
I have an issue (bug) that I'd like to direct toward tech support. To do so I need to save a part with an open section (i.e. leave the protrusion command incomplete). This isn't a problem in 2001. The feature shows up in the model tree as incomplete and you can go back and use redefine to get back into sketcher.

With WF it seems to want to throw away the section before I can exit out and save the file. Is this another one of the improvements? I sure hope not; tell me where I'm being dumb!

Bernie Hayden



New member
I'm just getting acquainted with Wildfire (and Pro/E), so...

I don't think it works as intended and not as Help states. I try to cultivate the habit of selecting as a surface for feature creation type before going into sketcher (allows for open sections), then changing to as solid when done.