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Can you do this pattern£¿




If you couldnt do it,I'll send the PART with PRO/E WF2.0(m030)


hmm actually its not hard to make if you think about it

in part mode make a parameter called points = 5

1.then in sketcher make 2 circles one say twice as big as the next. both construction type.

2.project out construction lines from the origin into the circles and
then draw a cord connecting the construction lines on the inner circle.
then give pro-e a angle btw both construction lines

2ii) from the cord you can then project lines up to the next circle
which will make the point of the star. its best to project a
construction line from the origin to the midpoint of the cord so that u have a nice triangle to form the star tip

3) make a relationship

sd(angle) = 360/points

4) in part mode u can then pattern that sketch

the angle is also 360/points

the amount of times arrayed is points

5) then simple change the value of points to get any value u want. i am
guessing but points => 3, otherwise it will prolly fail.

hope this helps