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Can WildFire be tamed?


New member
Is WF moody?

I wonder if I need my Ph.D. to create a bead on a flat sheet of metal.

Is there a way to charm this software to be more compliant?

Did any of you have problems creating a form on a sheetmetal part?

Was it an easy process?

Should I say a prayer before I start one?

I would appreciate your input.




New member

Above is a link from PTC's knowledge base about creating gussets on sheetmetal parts (I guess the term bead is synonymous to 'reinforcement gusset'). When you create a 'form' on a sheetmetal wall, 'draw radius' and the 'direction' are the usual trouble areas. Make sure you have a draw radius (on the edge of the form where it attaches to the wall) on the form punch equal to or greater than the material thickness.

And while creating the form, when it asks for direction, try flipping it, if in case the form fails by accepting the default.

Hope this helps.


New member
Wildfire 2 sheetmetal is supposed to be a radical departure, and infinitely easier to use. If you have 2, I would give it a try.



Active member
peterbrown is right. WF 2 is wonderful in sheetmetal. BTW for quicker solutions we use Autopol 1.12 for Windows which does pretty good job for us. As well its a good starter before we use Pro/Sheetmetal.



New member
Hello all,

I am a casual user of the Sheetmetal module, therefore I have no authority (based on my experience) to give much advice or to claim proficiency using it.

I am using (being in transition) both, PRO/E 2001 and WF.

I solved my problem using Create/Form/Punch/Copy and placing the Form using planes.

Before I used Create/Form/Die/Copy and it did not work for me.

The whole thing was behaving quite strange.

The model (sheetmetal part and Form) I sent to PTC was losing the placement references (datum planes) for some strange reasons I did not understand.

PTC did not respond yet.