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Can Pro use UDF’s like Acad uses blocks?


New member
I'm trying to find a way to replicate the way AutoCAD uses blocks butin Pro/E.

It would really be handy since several drawings I regularly create use many of the same types of callouts that require different text styles within the same block of text.

What I'm currently doing is opening up the previous drawing I created that used the same callouts, thencopy-clipping and pasting them to the new drawing but it really clutters up my workspace in Intralink since you need drawings to be in the same workspace if you want to copy-clip objects from one drawing to another.

Any advice would be really appreciated!
You can export the drawing and part out to your working directory and keep them there instead of your Workspace.



New member
I don't know if that would work since the my working directory is set by Intralink to the workspace Pro/E was opened in.


New member
Jeff is right:

The closest thing to a "block" is a drawing symbol.

They can contain parametric information. They can also be grouped,
containing exclusive or independent geometry. This allows you to define
a single symbol that can take on various forms, based on the
options you choose (like a welding symbol).