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Can anybody help me with this problem?


New member
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I have to create an assy drg with level point dimensioning (As mentioned in the image above) How to create level points?

I also have to indicate the part no, Release no and other details pertaing to every component in the assy. Apart from doing it manually, Is there an easy way?


New member
For the point dimensioning, you can create a Hole Table (located under the Advanced menu in 2001). You will need to have a Datum Coordinate System to reference.

I assume by your second question, you want to create a BOM. There's lots of information on this site and in Help how to do this. Basically, you create a table consisting of as many columns of information you want to document, and at least 2 rows (one for the header, one for the Repeat Region). Create a simple Repeat Region, and use Enter Text > By Report Sym to select which parameters you want Pro/Report to place in the table.

Hope this puts you on the right track.

Dave Martin

Torgon Industries


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