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can’t see the radius value


New member
Hello, i hope anyone can help me with my problem in ugnx3. My problem
is when using the edge blend command, I can not see the radius
value. maybe the color of the radius value is thesame with the
backround color. Is there any way to change the color of the raduis
value? or maybe the way to change the color of the backround of the
window for the radius. Hopei made it clear to everyone. tnx in advance
for your reply...


New member
Hi elmargho,

try pressing F3 button, F3 will toggle the display of dialog box when u are executinga command.


New member
thanks xyzgeneral for your reply, but my problem is not that i cannot see the whole dialog box, the problem is i cannot see the value or text inside the dialog box. do you know how to change the color of dialog box or maybe the color of the text inside the dialog box... tnx


New member
Are yourunning onWindows or Unix system? Cause Window colors and Fonts are control by the OS. So when you update the colors of the fonts on your workstation it may effect the colors in NX.

I hope this helps...Where in the Philippines are you from?